Teaching method

When teaching I’m taking a very simple approach to all students, beginners, intermediate and also advanced golfers. I listen to his or her needs and goals and work together with the individual to achieve them. Teaching/coaching requires a good bond between coach and pupil, it"s what I like to call the "Click". I like to develope what skills people identify the weaknesses in their game and work on making the weaker parts of the game stronger.

Over all the years I’ve been teaching (since 1996) I learn something different every day from the students I teach. I make it a priority in every lesson to improve the basic fundamentals, i.e. the grip, posture, stance, body alignment and ball position. From teaching beginners to coaching really advanced players you get to really understand how much difference there is in the movements of the body and also what the possibilities are for the individual. When the basics are good it makes it so much easier to control the club throughout swing. A good grip, posture and setup doesn"t gaurantee a good shot, but a bad grip, posture and setup will result more often than not in a bad one !!

  • Listening to someone explain something you will forget what they have said in no time at all.
  • Watching someone do something you can remember a little with the visual help. 
  • Let someone put something into practice for themselves and they will understand, feel and learn very quickly!!
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